[REVIEW] The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore

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The story follows Dr. Caleb Maddox who is a toxicologist from San Francisco.  What’s interesting about him is beside being  a toxicologist he studies chemical effects of pain. If that isn’t enough to make you read it here’s more.

One night he goes to a bar in which he spots a mysterious woman who’s name he later finds out is Emmeline. Emmeline is a true mystery and she plays a key role in the book for Caleb. He gets called to be a part of a murder investigation which has multiple victims with the same markings on them which makes them serial murders.  This strikes Caleb as odd because all the postmortems are inconclusive and one of the victims was in the bar he was with Emmeline. Was Emmeline behind it all, is she working with someone and she intentionally seduced Caleb knowing about him even before they met? These are all the questions which come up while you read the book. But you’re in for a surprise by the end.

This was a great thriller. I really liked the writing style and the feel of the book that Jonathan Moore created. It made me want to find out more and more about the characters and the story. The reason I gave this book four stars is because I did have some issues with it like: the abrupt ending of the book which could’ve been done better. Maybe the second novel The Dark Room will shine a light on some of the things in the first novel.

Overall my rating is: ratingstarratingstarratingstarratingstar

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