Review Policy

Breathing Through Pages *won’t be accepting books for review from publishers and requesting authors.  We will list genres that we will read and prefer more and the genres that we don’t read.

What we primarily read:


  • Psychological thriller
  • Adult fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Non-fiction (psychology (sociology), biology)
  • Memoirs (mental health)
  • Psychology books


  • Historical fiction
  • Adult fiction
  • Young adult fiction
  • Mystery
  • Psychological thriller
  • Thriller
  • Paranormal
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Non fiction

What we don’t read:

  • Romance
  • Religion
  • Erotica

If you send us an ARC of your book we will make sure to read it as soon as possible and review it(either here or on our goodreads profiles). Keep in mind we will write an honest review and publish it.

Rating system:

5 stars – AMAZING! This book was really good and I would definitely recommend it. You MUST read it.

4 stars – This book was great. You should read it.

3 stars – It was okay. I did enjoy it but not as much.

2 stars – I didn’t like this book that much. I had problems with it.

1 star – This book was really bad. I didn’t like it all. I would not recommend it.


*we are currently disabling the contact form because of already existing book requests that have to be reviewed.