[COVER REVEAL + BLURB] CNUT by Nathan Evans @InkandescentUK @nathanevansarts

I’m very excited to share with you all the brilliant cover for Nathan Evans’ new poetry book ‘CNUT’ publishing in November by Inkandescent, a publisher that focuses on ‘queer and outsider voices‘.

First of all – here’s the blurb for CNUT:

As King Cnut proved, tide and time wait for no man: An AnthropoScene, the first part of this collection, dives into the rising tides of geo-political change, the second, Our Future Is Now Downloading, explores sea-changes of more personal natures.

Nathan’s poetry debut, Threads, was longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize www.inkandescent.co.uk/threads. His follow-up bears all the watermarks of someone who’s swum life’s emotional spectrum. Some poems barely contain their righteous anger within their visceral verse – The old are eating the young in great Goya gobfuls. Others like What the Cat Dragged Back examine subtler sentiments – in response to your partner picking up a lover for you to share, for instance.

Short and (bitter)sweet, this is poetry for a mobile generation, poetry for sharing – often humorous, always honest about contemporary human experience, saying more in a few lines than politicians say in volumes, it offers an antidote to modern living.

‘Poignant, humane, and uncompromising’ Stephen Morrison-Burke, former Birmingham Poet Laureate 
and without further ado here’s the cover:
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Nathan Evans is a writer, director and performer whose work has been funded by Arts Council England, toured by the British Council, archived by the British Film Institute and broadcast on Channel 4. His poetry has been published by Dead Ink, Inky Needles, Poetry Space, Manchester Metropolitan Univerity, and performed at Southbank Centre, Hoxton Hall, Hammer & Tongue, Bang Said the Gun and Coffee-House Poetry.
Find him on: Website and Twitter.

[COVER REVEAL + TITLE] Millennium Series: Book VI by David Lagercrantz @QuercusBooks #TheGirlWhoLivedTwice

I’m very excited to be one of many book bloggers who are participating in revealing the cover and the title for the Millennium book VI. Without further ado here’s the title and the cover for the sixth book:



Doesn’t it look stunning!? Let me know your thoughts on it below in the comment section.

*You can pre-order The Girl Who Lived Twice by clicking on this link –> 

*I am in no way compensated by this site. I am simply sharing it so people can find this book easier.

David Lagercrantz, born in 1962, is a journalist and author, living in Stockholm. His first book was published in 1997, a biography of the Swedish adventurer and mountaineer Göran Kropp. In 2000 his biography on the inventor Håkan Lans, A Swedish genius , was published. His breakthrough as a novelist was of the Fall in Wilmslow (Fall of Man in Wilmslow) , a fictionalized novel about the British mathematician Alan Turing. In David Lagercrantz ‘writing you can thwart see a pattern: the major talents who refuse to follow the convention. He has been interested not only in what it takes to stand out from the crowd, but also in the resistance That Such creativity inevitably faces.

Find him on: Website and Goodreads.