[REVIEW] Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

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Our favourite sociopath Joe Goldberg is back, but this time he’s wiser and more mindful when it comes to relationships and murder. The story continues with Joe moving to Hollywood where things are more fun! The pace of the book is much faster in this one than it was in You.  Joe is on a new field where he needs to  fit in and make a life for himself.

Caroline Kepnes’ writing style is really easy to read and she keeps you engaged, wanting you to read more and more. Joe Goldberg is quite an interesting character and an unusual one too. I love the whole concept of making Joe likable, although at times I did feel that he was kind of annoying. Kepnes’ also makes Joe’s victims somewhat deserving to die in our heads when in real life you would think that he’s wrong in what he’s doing. That’s the beauty of Kepnes writing in-depth characters, you get attached to them pretty quickly.

The ending left some space for a possible continuation of the story and it would be interesting to see what Kepnes comes up with next if she decides to write a third novel.

My rating:  ratingstarratingstarratingstarratingstar

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