[REVIEW] The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

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This is my second novel from Peter Swanson and dare I say it didn’t disappoint. I first heard about his 2015The Kind Worth Killing’ – read it immediately and became interested in this author. I must also say that his second novel ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ is still my favourite of his.

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart follows George Foss and the mysterious  relationship he has with his college sweetheart who disappeared after the first semester. George finds himself sitting in a bar with his on-and-off girlfriend Irene when he sees a woman who reminds him of his college girlfriend Audrey Beck/Liana. He dismisses this fact and continues with his conversation with Irene – still having that woman on his mind – after telling Irene that he isn’t feeling well and leaving the bar he comes back to the bar with certainty that that’s his college girlfriend Audrey/Liana.

His intuition turns out right and they start having a chat where she tells him she needs a favour from him. He hesitates but agrees to do the favour even tho he knows about her troubled past and secrets she holds.

This was a great thriller which I expected it would be coming from this author. I love his writing and how he creates tension and twists. What bothered me was how quickly he believes her and trusts her to do what she asks of him. It don’t understand what kind of person can do that in an instant, I do get that he was in love with her even though she disappeared.  She left her mark on him which after twenty years never got healed. But nevertheless it was a fast thriller with interesting characters. As for recommending this book – If you’d like to read Swanson you better start with ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ and work through the rest. Looking forward to his next book ‘Her Every Fear’ which is out this year.

My rating is:ratingstarratingstarratingstarratingstar