[REVIEW] Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot @BloomsburyBooks

What I love about reading memoirs is the true life stories that really affect the reader and Heart Berries: A Memoir was no exception.

“Nothing is too ugly for this world, I think. It’s just that people pretend not to see.” 

I will keep this review short because this is a short book – about one hundred and twenty pages. In this short memoir Mailhot describes so much of her life in such a vivid way that you feel like she’s telling it to you. The writing style of this book isn’t your usual one because this memoir is more like a diary where thoughts go from one place to the other. I found Terese to be so strong and even though she always got back to that person I felt for her and understood why she did it. This memoir includes mental illness because Terese suffers from PTSD and Bipolar II. I enjoyed reading her hospital stays because I am very much interested in mental health and facilities where people are treated. I love how she portrays mental illness honestly and this story was something I needed to read. In the end of this book some stories she tells are repeated but that didn’t bother me.

I found this to be a great memoir which I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy them. It’s a must read.

Heart Berries: A Memoir is a brilliant book written by Terese Marie Mailhot – in it she deals with her rough upbringing as well as family and relationship issues in a way that is so interesting and fascinating.

I would like to thank the publisher Bloomsbury UK for sending a copy of this book my way in exchange for an honest review. All opinions written here are my own and weren’t influenced by anything.

My rating: 

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Terese Marie Mailhot is from Seabird Island Band. She graduated with an MFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts. She served as Saturday Editor at The Rumpus and was a columnist at Indian Country Today. Her writing appears in West BranchGuernicaPacific StandardElle, and elsewhere. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling Heart Berries: A Memoir. She serves as faculty at the Institute of American Indian Arts and she’s a Tecumseh Postdoctoral Fellow at Purdue University.

Find her on: Website, Twitter and GoodReads.

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot @BloomsburyBooks

  1. Great review Nikola. This sounds like an emotional memoir because of the issues that Marie went through but I am glad that it was all well portrayed and hopefully will provide some insights for others going through the same.


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