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I’m sure everyone has heard of The Immortalists by now because it’s been everywhere on the internet. I added this book last year to my TBR because I loved its synopsis and that it was set in New York. I’m happy to say that this was an excellent read and that I read it fairly quickly because it was so engaging.

The Immortalists begins with four siblings – Simon, Klara, Daniel and Varya –  going to a fortune teller because they heard she knows when people die. They are all very frightened when they get to the fortune teller and hear their dates and what’s interesting is that none of that at that moment share theirs with the others. Their lives will be led with knowledge of their death dates at the back of their heads and some of them will be consumed by that knowledge. The book is divided into four parts each one revolving around one of the siblings – first part is Simon’s and then we have Klara, Daniel and the last part is about Varya. As each of the siblings go on their paths most become estranged from each other. Simon becomes a dancer, Klara a magician, Daniel an army doctor and Varya a research scientist. How will their stories go? Read the book and find out!

What I absolutely adored about this book was the truth behind it – how people can become distanced from one another even though they are siblings plus the effects it has. Simon’s story was the one I loved the most because of its rawness. Each of the stories were told in a great way and kept my attention. I am trying to keep my thoughts on this spoiler-free so I won’t mention certain things. I loved the magicam realism in this book because it gave it a different dimension. The references Benjamin used were precise and I loved how certain things correlated and how each story had a connection with the previous one.  I wouldn’t mind hearing more about Varya’s work because I liked that she was a scientist. What this book does is make you questions relationships with people close to you and it makes you wonder what would happen if they were to disappear from your life.

The Immortalists is a novel well-worth reading because it offers a great and heart-wrenching look at sibling dynamics, it makes you wonder and question things in your life. Should you read? The answer is very easy: YES.

I would like to thank the publisher Tinder Press for sending a copy of this book my way in exchange for an honest review. The opinions written are my own and weren’t influenced by anything.

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Chloe Benjamin is the author of THE IMMORTALISTS, a New York Times Bestseller, #1 Indie Next Pick for January 2018, Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection, #1 Library Reads pick, and Amazon Best Book of the Month.

Her first novel, THE ANATOMY OF DREAMS (Atria, 2014), received the Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award and was longlisted for the 2014 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize.

Her novels have been translated into over twenty-three languages. A graduate of Vassar College and the M.F.A. in fiction at the University of Wisconsin, Chloe lives with her husband in Madison, WI.

Find her on: WebsiteTwitterInstagram and GoodReads.

30 thoughts on “[REVIEW] The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin @tinderpress

  1. So glad you loved it! I’m really hoping my book club will read this I think it would make for such an interesting discussion!

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  2. Sounds like a great read and I like the theme of sibling relations. I am also curious to know how knowing their death dates affected them. I can’t imagine just how different i’d live if I knew my death date. Great review Nikola!

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  3. I do believe I am the only reviewer that gave up on this book. It’s not that I found it a bad read I just had so many more books that were on my TBR list and waiting to be reviewed that I skipped this one.

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