[REVIEW] The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

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Two people meet at the airport bar and start ‘pouring their hearts out’ to each other.

The novel follows two people: Ted and Lily who after having one to many drinks start telling each other stories and at the end, plotting the murder of Ted’s wife. Throughout the first half of the book we are presented with Ted’s and Lily’s stories. We are given insight in both of their lives before their encounter and after their encounter. That’s it because I won’t spoil anything. To be honest it’s best to dive into the book without knowing much about it.

I absolutely enjoyed this thriller. First chapter got me hooked I mean come on, who doesn’t find ‘strangers telling stories about themselves to one another in an airport’ interesting. Peter Swanson’s writing was brilliant and it kept my attention to the last page. The sole idea of the book is so intriguing that you want buy the book and read it front to back.

Something that I find fascinating is different point of views in novels, television series, movies. This book had a few of them(meaning different POV’s from all characters) and it was brilliantly done. I kind of felt empathy towards Lily and in the end cheered for her and her actions. There were a few characters in the book but I felt connected to Ted’s and Lily’s the most because I felt that they were ‘nicer’ than other characters in the book even tho that’s not true (haha). I feel like if I say anything else about the book or it’s characters I’ll spoil it and it wouldn’t be enjoyable for the person reading it.

I would definitely agree with reviews that suggest more recognition for this book because it’s simply amazing and a true page-turner. Highly recommend to people who enjoy mystery/thriller novels.

My rating:  ratingstarratingstarratingstarratingstarratingstar

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