[REVIEW] The Thief of Always by Clive Barker

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Harvey Swick is a ten year old boy who is bored. One day a mysterious man appears from his window and offers him a place where he’ll have fun and won’t be bored anymore. The idea of just having fun sounds appealing to Harvey so he agrees on going with the stranger to the the ‘Holiday House’.

The Holiday House is heaven for children. The days are bright and sunny and in the evenings Halloween appears. It’s a perfect home for children. Harvey was promised a lot of fun and that he can leave whenever he wants. But not everything’s perfect in this house…

As Harvey spends more and more time in the house, playing outside and having fun, he begins to suspect that something’s very wrong with this place.

In my opinion, Harvey was kind of more mature for his age. Often in some situations he did or said things that made me think this. The last 40 pages were hard to process, I felt like the ending was rushed and some of the scenes in the book were kind of unreal to me.

Overall this was a great children’s book. It was dark and fun.

My rating for this book is:


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